WBP-202HD "Compact Series" dual channel wireless beltpack is the brand new version of the WBP-202 (discontinued). Compact Series beltpacks offer an unmatching price-quality ratio, with a low-size design, impressive range and remarcable autonomy.

WBP-202HD allows simultaneous or independent communication with two separate intercom channels (selectable A, B or A&B). As in every ALTAIR wireless beltpack model, antennas are located inside the enclosure allowing a more comfortable belt fitting.

Please note that a maximum of two dual channel wireless beltpacks can be connected to one dual channel wireless base station (WBS-202HD or WBS-202). Furthermore, the two dual channel beltpacks must be connected to different RADIO links (one to RADIO 1 and one to RADIO 2).

Battery status can be easily checked using the front pannel led bargraph. The beltpack also features a low-consumption "call receive" mode and general low power circuitry.

"Out of range" indication helps the user be aware of the coverage area and prevent possible communication dropouts.

main features

  • Range: Typical 50 to 350 m around base station.
  • Wideband Audio: 100Hz - 7kHz when used along with any ALTAIR "HD" base station.
  • "MIC" Button: New "MIC" button, more accessible, placed on the upper side of the beltpack.
  • Estimated Battery life: 10 hours in full Duplex mode. / 50 hours in Call receive mode.
  • Battery type: NI-MH. 3,6 VDC pack.
  • Charger: External case/wall mounting charger allowing 4 beltpack charging.
  • Headset connector: male XLR-4 pin "mini" .
  • Headset type: Selectable, dynamic or electret.
  • Controls: Call. Volume level. Mic On/Off/PTT. Buzz On/Off. Vibrator On/Off.
  • Indicators: Call. Battery status, Low Batt. Mic On/Off. Buzz On/Off. In Range led. Vibrator.
  • Call Notification System: Light, Vibration and Buzzer.
  • Dimensions/weight: 120x80x25 mm / 175 gr.


    • HEADSETS: WBP-202HD beltpack is compatible with the following headset models: WAM-100, WAM-100/2, WAM-100S, WAM-100/2S, WAM-100/2SEC (in-ear) and WAM-100/2L  (lightweight).
    • BASE STATIONS: WBP-202HD beltpack is compatible with the following ALTAIR base stations: WBS-200HD, WBS-202HD & WBS-202.
    • CHARGER: WBPC-200


pdf Wireless intercom beltpack WBP-200HD/WBP-202HD, Brochure. (780 Kb)

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