messe2006ALTAIR presented with great success in the last edition of PROLIGHT SOUND (Frankfurt), their new line of intercom wireless SERIES WB, in particular the master station WBS-200 that have the potential of the consolidated systems of Altair intercommunication system

but adding the functionality of the wireless communication, diversity to increase coverage and avoid dropouts, digital encrypted radio communications, free license, in a 1 rack unit height, also an ergonomic reduced size lightweight beltpack WBP-200, up to 50 battery hours in only reception mode.

Thanks to the units of transformer of line 70/100V for the series of amplifiers of multi-channel power series MA will have the possibility of making facilities of audio distributed of high quality. Special wound technics and high-grade core materials ensures an extended low frequency operation down to 50 Hz at full power. Transient response is excellent, allowing the use in high performance music and speech applications.

In addition the new multipurpose version of console ALTAIR ELECTRA E-3 MONITOR, incorporating the excellent benefits of well-known ELECTRA E-3 but increasing its number of auxiliaries to 24 by channel. Available for you.

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