sublimotion antartic lowres

Intercom systems are usually found in pro A/V environments such as theatre, TV, cinema, or live music, but also, an increasing number of professionals from different fields are tending to use intercom systems to ease communications.

A good example of this is "SUBLIMOTION", an amazing restaurant that transforms the gastronomic experience into an absolutely new adventure by integrating audio and video in its menus.

In order to fullfill this original idea, the personnel uses discrete ALTAIR headsets with wireless beltpacks (WB-200 SERIES). This system ensures safe communication and a discrete and comfortable fit for the technicians and other personnel.

The complex technical equipment was provided by VEGA FACTORY S.L (creator and co-founder of this new concept), who chose a reliable system in which the staff could trust during the long and intense work sessions.

SUBLIMOTION offers a unique experience, combining haute cuisine by Paco Roncero, experienced A/V technicians and high level technology.


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