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Cigierre - Compagnia Generale Ristorazione s.p.a. is a Company founded back in 1995 in Udine (Italy), focused on the complex world of franchising, that is emerging nowadays as a leader in the italian market of theme restaurants. In 2002, Cigierre designed the Old Wild West, the first restaurant of a chain of western “steak-house” restaurants that offers also the possibility of enjoying high quality audio and video for music and sport events. Other franchise formats developed by the company are Wiener Haus, Cantina Mariachi, Arabia Kebab and Kukkuma Cafe.

As Luca Bernardin (Technical Chief at Cigierre) states “the innovative concept of CEO Marco di Giusto soon took the company to the need of creating AV training rooms with technologically advanced equipment to offer the personnel of the different franchises the most sophisticated training. Besides, the special attention that we pay to multimedia technologies allows us to know the most specialized, efficient and reliable systems in the market”.


At the end of 2014, Cigierre collaborated with Kennell in the installation of the A/V equipment for a new Wiener House establishment at Villorba Treviso. It was due to previous successful installations that Cigierre decided to rely again on Kennell for the audio and internal communications of the new restaurant.

During the first months of 2015, Cigierre inaugurated its new headquarters, designed with an audio system that allows the distribution and reproduction of all the audio signals in the different rooms: Training rooms, training room (kitchen), meeting rooms, lobby and service corridors.For this new building, Kennell prepaired an installation using several brands and products from the professional A/V sector, included the new ALTAIR MAP-128. The MAP-128 processor has a primary rol in the installation, acting as the “brain” of the system, receiving all the signals and routing them to their proper destination in the different zones.Background music, as well as voice announcements, can be sent to all the different rooms and corridors with specific adjustments. Other signals, such as microphone inputs or other audio sources are sent to their respective destinations, allowing precise indications for the personnel.Furthermore, MAP matrix/ processor uses the “AUTOMIX” function for the microphones in the training rooms in order to ease the operation.The audio system can be remotely controled using 3CMAP software or using the wall remote controls connected to the MAP processor trough RS-485. These wall remote controls (model ALTAIR REM2) allow several actions predefined by the installer, such as modifications of the background music level, activation of voice announcements, etc.


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