November 2015

Overlooking the opening of its new showroom on last November 5th, ADAM HALL chose TUIX & ROSS ( ) to design a facility that would allow routing audio signals to a multitude of speakers of different types, in order to provide a quick and easy comparison of all models to its visitors.

The control system is based on two MAP-1216 units, installed along with a Yamaha TF-1 in order to control a total of 48 outputs that provide the audio signal for the various models of line-array, monitors, speakers "point-source", etc.


The initial design of the showroom required a comfortable system for the comparison of the speakers, which became possible by using a tablet that allows remote selection of the speakers.

This operation is possible thanks to the Android version of ALTAIR´s "3cMAP" control software, developed to control the MAP processors.

These processors, which are presented in two versions (12 ins/16 outs or 12 ins/8 outs) in a one rack unit format, were designed for the integrated management of audio installations. They implement interesting functions such as the feedback supressor, the “Automix” function or the integrated GPIO interface, not to mention the full-featured inputs and outputs digital processing sections.


As Juan Manuel Tuissans (AsTuix & Ross Director) said, "ALTAIR MAP processors were chosen after studying other options, because of their technical performance and because we needed something that would fit in the budget"


Foto showroom adam hall

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