Febr 5, 2016

The integration company ADDI TELECOM, under the direction of José Luis Lajara and along with other major brands in the professional A/V market, has recently carried out the installation and commissioning of the material for the new MEDIA LAB in the Faculty of Communication at Camilo Jose Cela University (UCJC).

With this investment the university has made an ambitious bet that will mean the availability of a space in which the students will be immersed in a real working environment.
This new laboratory of communication, provided with the same technology of a real professional studio, has been configured as a multi-room space for media generation in which the students will be faced with the situations and problems that the real A/V pros have to overcome daily.

MediaLab offers the best facilities for production of audiovisual content, with a radio studio and a TV set, with the following areas:

- TV production studio

- Radio Studio

- ENG cameras capable of recording 4K

- Space for editing and digital postproduction.    //


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