"EC-200" Cue Light Master Unit

New Cue Light master panel EC-200:

This device will act as the main control unit for all the devices connected to the cue light channel. Cue light systems tipically consist of an emitor and one or several receivers that will display a few light indications (usually red/green) activated from the main control unit.

From the EC-200, the operator will be able to send to all the receivers three different states: "stand-by" (red), "ready" (blinking red) and "go" (green), returning to the initial status by pressing the "CLEAR" button once the cycle has been completed.

For easier operation, and to let the installer set up multi-channel cue light systems, up to four EC-200 master units can be installed in a PC-4-200 rack adaptor (1 RU) as shown in the image below.

EC 200 sim pc 4 200Thanks to the new Cue Light Series, ALTAIR users will be able to send visual indications to several users or rooms at the same time, ensuring coordination of the different professionals involved in a play, easing special effects sincronization in cinema shootings or helping conduct a sport event, among others.


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