"ES-201" Single channel desk / wall remote station

ALTAIR "ES-201" has been designed in response to the increasing demand of in-wall intercom panels for fixed installations such as theatres, factories, stadiums, etc. This unit allows full communication with one intercom channel.

Thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone the unit can be used by any operator who aproaches the unit at any time, and when working in loud environments we can connect a headset to the front panel connector. Headset detection system will deactivate the speaker and panel microphone while the headset is plugged to the unit.

All setup changes are made using the front panel keys.

OPtional mounting kit "OR-2-203" allows an easy installation of 1 or 2 units in a 2xRU space.

ES 201


Powering: 12-32V, 60mA

Connections: Intercom Line CHA: 3M-XLR & 3F-XLR; micro USB; headset connector.

Dimensions/weight: 2xRU height; 1/2 x 19"; 930 gr NET (aprox.)


- "OR-2-203" mounting kit



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