Optimise any, Loudspeaker´s System

The active crossovers FA-524/FA-724 have been designed in order to offer maximum flexibility and adaptability.The use of selectable and plug-in cards allow to personalize any loudspeakers 'system by the manufacturer or the specialized user.

These units allow the insertion of future improvements as change of power amplifiers, number of ways,loudspeakers, tweeters replacement or any other imposed parameter for technical up-dating.

  • FA-524 2 way stereo + subwoofer mono way; 3,4 or 5 mono way.
  • FA-724 3 way stereo +subwoofer mono way; 4,5, or 7 mono way.

main features

  • HI-PASS Input high pass filter used as subsonic filter or for special realizations
  • PHASE Phase adjust between ways from 0º to 36º.In the subwoofer way allows delay alignment up to 6ms (2 meters) with respect to the low way from the front panel.
  • MUTE Automatic mute when switching on (all ways) and partial mute of ways from the front panel.
  • LIMITER Limiter circuit with ad justable treshold on each way.These limiters wihl lengthen notably loudspeakers 'life without appreciable deterioration of sound quality.
  • BALANCED Equipped with electronic input and output balanced circuits for noise inlmunity in long winng set-ups.
  • EQ Two fully parametric equalisation points on each way in order to correct the frequency response and personalize the equipment
  • FILTERS Selectable,overlapping or symmetric filters, Linkwitz-Riley type.
  • DELAY When the phase diffrences are very great or irregular,the use of the delay on each way is the only tool to obtain coherence of phase between the loudspeakers or arrays.

download area

pdf Active crossovers FA-524/FA-724 brochure (428 Kb).

pdfPDF Manual (for registered users).

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