Altair Equipos Europeos Electrónicos SA - Signal Processors

Altair NG-440 incorporates four identical full-featured Noise Gate sections. Both open-close transition and background noises in SHUT state are optimised to guarantee a transparent clickfree operation.

The ALTAIR CN-220 incorporates a dual compressor/ limiter with a full-featured noise gate and exclusive extra functions such as an adjustable band compressor. Featuring an impressive +24 dBu (max) input/output level operation and extremely low output noise, the CN-220 is the perfect tool for dynamic processing.

Constant Q graphic equalizer EQ-230 (30+30 bands) features special functions such as the selection of the equalization range or the selective illumination of the faders, as well as improved specifications (increased dynamic range and top quality filters).

Matrix Audio Processors MAP series dedicated to commercial audio installations and professional applications demanding audio automation on small form factor enclosure.

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