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ALTAIR DA-410 is a compact, high performance distribution amplifier / zone mixer / mic splitter capable of processing 2 stereo input signals to obtain 5 stereo output signals. Used as a zone mixer, the unit can control 5 zones in stereo mode or 10 in mono mode. As an audio distributor, it will deliver up to 10 mono output signals, or 5 in stereo mode. This device will make a perfect solution for audio distribution in press rooms, recording units, audio production, broadcast, etc. Individually selected MIC/LINE input preamplifiers allow signal splitting to feed other mixers without quality or headroom degradation. Up to 4x8 or 1x10 active splitting is possible.The unit features a handy monitoring system, with buit-in speakers, headphone output and level meter. All inputs and outputs are electronically balanced (XLR). Additional options with input or output transformers,and 2 parametric equaliser cards.



Thanks to its great durability and outstandig features, this press-box has become a highly valued tool for professionals covering events all around the world. ALTAIR RP-240 was designed to fulfill the huge demand of distributed audio signals in press and multimedia events.

"RP-240" press box consists of: 1 x DA-410 Distribution unit, 1 x DA-240 XLR passive panel, 1 x MC-240 multicore wiring (connects DA-410 to DA-240) and 1 x FC-240 tailored flight-case

This system can as well be ordered to be installed permanently in a rack. In this case of course a flight-case is not necessary and internal wiring will be adapted by our personnel to the necessary length.

XLR PATCH "DA-240"  (Complement FOR Altair "DA-410" Distribution Unit)

This passive panel can only function in conjunction with an ALTAIR DA-410 distribution unit (active). The panel allows direct input and output XLR connections. Each stereo input pair can be split into 2 separate mono inputs.

  • 40 balanced OUTPUTS.
  • Complement of the Altair DA-410 Distribution Unit.
  • 3 POSITION attenuator per output.
  • INDIVIDUAL short circuit protection in any output.
  • Output TRANSFORMER optional.
  • COMBO (tm) & XLR link on inputs.
  • Survival audio Patch: XLR male, XLR female, Jack ¼, RCA and minijack to ease interconnections.

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