The Altair NG-440 incorporates four identical full-featured Noise Gate sections. The device consists in an open-close switch activa-ted by a user selectable Threshold level. Both open-close transition and background noises in SHUT state are optimised to guarantee a transparent clickfree operation.

The Altair CN-220 incorporates in a compact unit, a Dual Compressor-Limiter with a full-featured Noise Gate front end. Dedicated filters are provided in the Gate section to Trigger the gate, only by the desired instrument, avoiding false gating.

The constant Q graphic equalisers EQ-215 (15+15 bands) and EQ-230 (30+30 bands), incorporate new functions like selection of equalisation range and selective faders illumination as well as improved specifications like increased dynamic range and better filter musicality.

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Logo ELECTRAALTAIR E3 is the natural evolution of our renowned ELECTRA consoles. Hundreds of this consoles are on the road working hard all over the world.

The signal path, and working environment concept is full analog design with automated and recallable analog VCA´s and mute functions. A small concession to the digital word is included to manage the 16 EQ and dynamics hard wired switchable sections and a display to complement the surface edit itself.

The design pay special attention to ergonomics with a revolutionary placement of the Groups section in the upper side of the control surface, with preference to the Auxiliary masters placed on the middle.

As the inventors of the FOH/MONITOR one magic switch convertible consoles, we are proud to introduce a step further in the multipurpose console concept: Convertible console without any switch. That is, all the functions of a FOH and a Monitor console are at a glance. No more confusions about connectors, faders, buses, etc, that are mode dependent. E3 simplifies the task: more auxiliary sends without loosening any of the benefits of a powerful FOH console.


  • 16 EQ (8 band paragraphic)+DYNAMICS, DSP based (AUX, GRP, MTX outputs)
  • 8 VCA Motorised Masters
  • 8 Master MUTES
  • 100 Scene & Mute Presets with SD/MMC card storing
  • Simultaneous AUX/GRP Functionality: FOH/Monitor/Both
  • 16x8 MATRIX, under digital control for a clear console layout
  • All Balanced, Dual Jack Insert points
  • Super 4 band EQ on Inputs (H&L vary. Freq+Shl/Peak, 2 Mids full parametric (LF, HF peak/shelving )
  • Cable Test function on each input
  • VCA Solo in AFL/PFL mode. Now, you can listen the VCA group
  • Channel Input with transformers* (* on demand)
  • Combo (TM) Input Connectors
  • FULL Meter Bridge: LCD+24 x 20 led Bars + 4 Vu-Meters
  • Robust, and light Power Supply with redundant connections
  • Custom signal path, internally selectable
  • Linking consoles facilities included
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